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A few months ago, I was invited to a group on Facebook where they encourage you to share your journey and inspire others, so I shared a bit.
Here was my story (I’ve revised it a bit)…

I’m not super with dates, so forgive my timeline…

Around a year ago, my wife and I began to scope out the potential of finding a new home.
We have 4 amazing children, 3 boys and 1 girl, ranging from 3-12 in age.

We’ve lived in the Nashville area as a couple for 16 years, married for 15.
We both grew up in the same general area in Southern Oklahoma. I could share how we met, but this is a short story.

So we were looking at homes for 6 months before deciding to place our home on the market. The market here has been on fire, so naturally we felt strongly it would sell and quickly, and it did. Three days later and less than a month to close.

So our house sold (skipping a bunch of details).

Next, we’re living in a 200 sq. ft. camper trailer, down by the river.
I know it sounds crazy, but it’s true.

My wife, 4 kids, and I quickly had to move out of our home of 10 years and now living in a mobile camper for the next 3 weeks (thanks to close friends of ours).
We stayed 3 weeks in that camper to finish commitments we had in town.
Once we finished those commitments, we’d head to the beach!

A week at the beach, GREAT!

Now where do we go!?
Back “home”, where we both came from, Southern Oklahoma.

In the last 5 years, we had an amazing opportunity to spend extended time in Oklahoma during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.
I work as a entrepreneur and my wife cares for our children (among many other talents). It’s been this way most of our marriage.

Anyways, we have the ability to spend time away from place to place.
Back home, we own some acres and cabins we’ve lived in during our visits.

The times there have always been amazing and a great time for our own family to bond, including our greater relatives.
The last 6 months was by far our longest stay back since we moved to TN 16 years ago.

During this time, we had made several trips back and forth from OK to TN in order to move back to the area.
We spent months continuing to find a place that worked for us.
Ended up, we purchased some acres just a few minutes outside the town we previously lived.

This was where we felt we wanted to raise our children and our children agree.
So, here we are; now living on our land, in one of our 5 barns in a camper trailer.

Recently, we became official TN farmers.

Our hope is that we will build on this land, things are already progressing.
We have electricity. That’s changed a lot since not having it for over 3 weeks, running on a generator after we initially arrived.
We have water. That came 2 months later.

This is only the beginning of my story and so much is left out in between, and so much more to come.

How did we get here?

Can you share your story?

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