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What is your value?

arudd  —  March 7, 2016 — Leave a comment

Ask yourself, what is important to you?

Your family, making a lot of money, being happy, serving others?

Recently, I was offered a full-time position making double what I’d normally have made in the past.

The number was something I’d only imagined would satisfy a lofty goal, so the fact that time I come, I was quite taken back and excited about moving forward.

Not only was the pay great, but the potential of growing and having opportunity to build some of my dreams was imminent.

That same night, I couldn’t sleep. I thought of my current schedule, my family, my freelance (15 years of my own business), and really, I had just begun a new adventure in life.

One of my immediate thoughts were, “you’re cuttin yourself short.”

WOW! Time for a little repentance.

My current life and the life of a full-time employee are polar opposites. Even though I work for myself greater than the sum of 40 hours. I’m not driving bumper-to-bumper 2 hours round trip, 5 days/week.

Shoot me now!

I’m not here to bash on you if that’s your life, it works for you I’m sure. For me, I’d be happy for probably 60 days max.

The moral of the story is this…

Whatever opportunity comes your way, and you’re certain it’s all you’ve ever wanted, take a couple of days and reflect, don’t make any quick/rash decisions.

You ARE valuable, don’t cut yourself short. Opportunity will always present itself and has since deciding NOT to take the job.

Go out there and make it for yourself! Be the best you and encourage others to do the same.

God bless you all on your journeys.